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La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Departure from San José


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This tour takes us to across coffee plantations and scenic vistas.


As we ascend the terrain we will notice a change in temperature and vegetation; we will see coffee plantations as well as fern, flower and strawberry farms along the way, creating a beautiful array of colors and textures.


You will visit to the La Paz Water Fall Garden for a scrumptious lunch and tour. As we arrive to La Paz, we will walk through a trail, leading to a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. Inside the park we will also visit the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the bird house, the butterfly garden and the frog’s exhibit; to be enjoyed by those of all ages.


Tour Includes:


– Ground Transportation

– Bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

– Lunch




– Hat

– Comfortable shoes

– Binoculars

– Camera

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